Volumetric Meshes

As discussed in the Mike’s “Student Meeting” this week:

I’d like to create volumetric U-Spline meshes in Prep/Trelis and run analyses on these problems.

Ortho-Planar Spring
PlanarSpring.zip (229.2 KB)

Note that while sweep-able, I’ve used the “let Trelis determine scheme automatically” approach and most of the volumes are submap type

c-frame.zip (847.5 KB)

Note that while many of the regions are sweep-able, there are four volumes that use the polyhedron mesh scheme. These volumes are found in the pocket fillets (see figure below)

Lattice Structure Stack
CellStack.zip (1.9 MB)

Note that the unit cells are decomposed such that they are sweep-able, but I used the map mesh scheme on the unit cells to make sure I got 1 element per decomposed-cell.