Error exporting large exodus file


I’m trying to export a 640k element hex mesh as an exodus file. I keep getting the following error:
ERROR: Could not export the data to a file.

I’m using Trelis 17.1 Pro (linux version). I read some other threads that suggest that this might be a

  1. export setting issue
  2. memory issue

As far as #1 is concerned, I’ve tried every setting, including those suggested in some other threads (Error when exporting mesh as Exodus file).

If it is #2, i.e. my computer with 16 GB of RAM with 32 GB scratch space isn’t adequate, could you please suggest how to proceed? Is it possible to build Cubit/Trelis on an HPC machine, create the mesh and export it there?



A 640K element hex mesh is not that big. Do you have write permission to the write directory? You can type pwd from the command line to see where the current directory is set. The default may be in /opt.

You can use the GUI and go to File/Set Directory to permanently set your working directory or use cd ‘/Users/your_path’ to set it temporarily.


Thanks, that was it.