Webinar on CFD specific meshing


Will there be more CFD specific Coreform Cubit webinars in the future? I have noticed that most of trainings have been on FAE applications. I exclusively use Cubit for hex meshing in CFD-DEM (Euler-Lagrangian coupling) multi-phase flow modelling. Tet meshes don’t work well with the interpolation methods that I use. I have had some issues with boundary layer formation in the past as well as obtaining sufficient mesh quality.

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That is a great suggestion and I will find a slot to schedule it.

I would also appreciate this. I will raise this as a separate ticket but defining and imprinting complex curves to do block meshing around blades is proving unsuccessful in Coreform requiring me to fall back to the CAD software to pre-cut the volume.
Being able to properly define the blocking in Coreform is critical to go forward as a complete meshing tool.

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