Webcutting error with nonplanar surfaces

I want to mesh this volume that is cut by several nonplanar surfaces (see attachment). I am having trouble imprinting the surfaces and webcutting the volume as I would do with planar surfaces. Can you please assist me in properly webcutting the volume?


Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 12.07.31 PM.png

Do you want to mesh this with tets or hexes?

Do you want the surfaces to cut slits in the volume rather than make separate volumes?

While I’m not sure exactly what you are doing, you might try the chop webcut option.

I will be meshing this with tets. I would like to cut slits in the volume instead of making separate volumes, but am not familiar with how to cut slits, as I generally use the regular webcut tool.

Now this only works if the geometry is the same type. For example, you have all STEP files.

import acis “surface.sat” nofreesurfaces attributes_on separate_bodies


bri x 10


chop volume 2 with volume 1


delete Body 3
vol all scheme tet
mesh surf 9
vol 2 tetmesh respect tri in surf 9
mesh vol 2


graphics clip on


draw tet all


I tried using the chop command but got the following error:

“Delete uncommon geometry on these volumes before operation”

All of the nonplanar surfaces are volumes except for one which is a sheet body. The three volumes were imported as facet files and I created the sheet body based on some field-based measurements.

Sorry, here’s the entire error log:

Performing CHOP with volumes containing geometry
from different modeling engines is not allowed.
Delete uncommon geometry on these volumes before operation.

CHOP boolean operation failed

It means that you have some faceted geometry and some ACIS geometry (maybe geometry you created in Trelis?) The chop command works if the geometry is the same type. For example, you have all STEP files."

Is the model something you could upload to the post or email to support@coreform.com?

Dear Alba,
I have encountered a problem similar to yours. How did you solve it?