Warning message when meshing volume "Found duplicate tri with nodes ..."


I got the following message when meshing a volume with tetmesh:
“WARNING: Found duplicate tri with nodes 92 102 91”

I have the following questions:

  • What does this message mean ?
  • How can I locate the nodes 92 102 91 on my meshing ?
  • How can I solve this issue ?

Thank you in advance for your reply.



We use the state of the art MeshGems library (recently acquired by Dassault Systems) to provide tetmesh capabilities. This error message is generated from inside this third party library.

I typically see this error message when the surface mesh is poor. The node ids given are identifiers internal to MeshGems and don’t have any value from a Cubit perspective.

Look for small surfaces or small edges and remove them or composite over them. If this is an STL file that you are remeshing, make sure that the original STL triangles don’t intersect or overlap. If the STL file is poor, I would recommend a third party application to cleanup the original facets. I have had success using blender for facet model cleanup.

Ok, thank you.

Some surfaces of my volume are from .sat files. Can the issue come from .sat files too ?

Use the geometry power tool to find small surfaces and see if those could be removed or cleaned up in another way maybe by creating composite surfaces. Check the quality of the surface mesh before tetmeshing. If there are just a few bad triangles you might be able to select an edge and swap the edge via the context mesh option.

Some are from a .sat file? Are you mixing geometry engines?