Visibility on/off not working consistently in Trelis 17.1


Whenever I turn of the visibility of a volume, I can’t always get it back on. Sometimes it’ll take a few tries, or maybe clicking on “Refresh tree” or reset display, but sometimes nothing works and I have to restart Trelis. Have I got something set up wrong or is this a known bug? I’m using the Linux version on Ubuntu.


I haven’t seen any other reports on this. We are several versions past Trelis 17.1 now. One work around would be to type

volume all vis on

from the command prompt.

Thanks. I can’t reproduce it consistently, wish I could provide more useful information.

I installed Cubit 2021.4/2021.5 but whenever I try to open them, I get a segmentation fault. I have all the prerequisites installed.

What OS and version are you running? If you start from the command line is there any information on the segfault?

One other thought on this. Sometimes if you have a pick widget active, the right click menu may be in sync with the pick widget and not give you the option “All visible.” Click somewhere in the command panel and the pick widget will lose focus and the right click menu will change.