Validating geometry using Geomdebug


I am trying to make sure my geometry is good before I proceed with the meshing.

I have run “validate volume all” and received no errors.

But then I tried to run “Geomdebug Validate body all” and I got several messages saying the following:

[code]WARNING: Non-manifold topology at curve 54 on volume 2 may result in false errors being reported.
ERROR: Mesh.jou (22)
Incompatible CoFace senses found at curve 54 in volume 2.
Surface CoFace Sense CoEdge Sense

   17       forward       forward
   11       forward       forward[/code]

What does it mean “Incompatible CoFace senses” ? How do I fix this error ? Does this error messages means that I should not proceed with meshing until I fix all these errors ? Why did the “validate volume all” did not report any errors ?

A summary of the steps that I took so far were:

  1. Imported ACIS geometry
  2. imprint all
  3. merge all
  4. validate volume all