Using imprint tolerant and merge force to merge geometry


I have geometry with few surfaces that are not merging. Upon reading the Coreform Cubit manual I was able to make my geometry by using imprint tolerant and merge force:

cubit.cmd("imprint tolerant surface 254 48 tolerance 0.1")
cubit.cmd("merge surface 254 with surface 48 force")

Could you please let me know what are the disadvantages of using the imprint tolerant compared with normal imprint? What about the merge force? Reading the manual it looks like we should not use merge force.

Do you think that using the above commands can lead to additional problems later on when meshing the geometry?


The only issue with tolerant imprint is if the tolerance becomes large relative to the geometry size. You want to make sure that you are not accidently combining geometry that you need to keep.

The force option is something I try to avoid in production models, but I have resorted to on occasion. I tend to modify the merge tolerance first. The default merge tolerance is .0005. Try

original_merge_tolerance = cubit.get_merge_tolerance()
cubit.cmd("set merge tolerance 0.1")
cubit.cmd("merge surface 254 with surface 48")
cubit.cmd( f"set merge tolerance {original_merge_tolerance}")

and see if that will merge first.


Hi @karl,

Thank you for the help. This helps, but do not solve the complete problem. I am still investigating it and will keep you posted.