Unmatching nodes_

Dear Cubit Community,
Please refer to the following scenario where two volumes are being meshed. The interface marked with BLUE arrows has matching nodes however it isn’t the case at the region indicated by the RED ones.

For meshing, I simply selected the two volumes altogether and meshed using automatic sizing.

I would very much appreciate any suggest to have matching nodes between the two volumes throughout.

(I have also shared the STEP file)

model.STEP (43.7 KB)

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One way I found is by ‘partitioning’ the curved surface of the GREEN volume such that the two volumes now share a common curved interfacial surface.

However, I still warmly welcome suggestions which could avoid partitioning.

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@Aakash – have you tried imprinting and merging? Watch the first 15 minutes of our recent webinar for information about imprint and merge:

Very informative session. Precisely addresses my needs.

Thanks Mr. Greg :slight_smile: