Unit conversion before exporting the mesh to exodus format


I have created a mesh where all the units for the input surfaces are in feet. During my meshing process I always used ${Units(‘ft-lbf-s’)} at the beginning of my journal files.

When I export the mesh in exodus format I obtain length dimensions in feet, which is consistent with what I expect.

I would like to know if it would be possible to convert the units of “length” in my mesh from feet to meters before exporting the mesh? See example below.

If this is not possible, then the only way to obtain the mesh in units of meters is to convert the original surface to meters and redo the meshing, correct?

Command to convert units to meters


Export the mesh

export mesh “./output/Mesh.exo” dimension 3 overwrite

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It’s not a unit conversion per-say, as Exodus doesn’t have units or dimensions integrated in it (yet).

However, Cubit does have a command which allows the user to export a scaled mesh. The command is Transform Mesh and the usage for this command is:

Transform Mesh {Input|Output} [Scale <factor> [<factor> <factor>] ]
   [Scale {X|Y|Z} <factor>] [Translate <dx> [<dy> [<dz>]] ]
   [Translate {X|Y|Z} <distance>] [Rotate <degrees> about {X|Y|Z}]

Here’s an example journal file. The key thing to note is that the scales are persistent, so you either have to Transform Mesh Output reset or scale by the inverse of the current scale factor.

brick x 1
mesh vol 1
block 1 vol 1

set exodus netcdf4 off
set large exodus file on
export mesh "unit_1.e"  overwrite 

transform Mesh Output scale 10
export mesh "unit_10.e"  overwrite 

transform Mesh Output scale 10
export mesh "unit_100.e"  overwrite 

transform Mesh Output scale 0.5
export mesh "unit_50.e"  overwrite 

transform Mesh Output reset
export mesh "unit_1.e"  overwrite 

Hope you find this helpful!

Greg Vernon | Director of Product Management
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Thank you @gvernon, this solution solved my problem!