Unabled to merged two meshed bodies (side by side)

Hi all,

I recently encountered this issue. I have two volume(bodies) side by side, I want to mesh both and merge them together. I imprinted/merged all volume before meshing each body individually. After meshing them, I also imprint/merge both bodies just to make sure that they merged. There was no error message when I did that.

Then, I checked the coincident nodes and faces, these two bodies have a coincident faces with nodes on them being coincident. I thought that merging will take care of this.

What I want is two meshed bodies with a merged (shared) face; and nodes on that face are shared.


See attachment for pictures.


I’m not certain why you are seeing duplicate nodes and elements along the meshed boundary. Here is a simplified example of what you are trying to do:

brick x 1
vol 1 copy move x 1
imprint all
merge all
find overlap volume all

In your example, when you issue the ‘merge all’ command, what output does Treils give you? It should say “Consolidated 1 pair of surfaces”. If not, the merge failed. You might want to check that these two surfaces you want merged are really coincident and identical.

Feel free to send me the model along with the commands so that I can reproduce and debug the problem on my end.