Unable to create a volume from complex ACIS surface

Dear all,

I have a fairly powerful processor. I am trying to create a volume from an ACIS topography surface (Ground surface).

I tried several options:

  • First, I tried creating a simple cube and webcut with the surface. It froze my computer for several days without success.
  • I tried sweeping the surface to create the volume. Again same issue.
  • Finally, I tried to create the surface mesh using “Map” scheme to smooth/coursen the surface. Again the same issue.

Is there a way to create the volume from the attached topography surface and create the HEX mesh?
I would greatly appreciate your help.

Hom Nath

Hi Hom Nath,

It is slow. This ran on my Windows box for much of an afternoon. Below, I present a solution with using a coarse mesh. Here are some notes on the solution.

  1. I noted is that the physical size is quite large. You can run into numerical issues when using large values. I choose to scale it by a factor of .001. That implies that material constants/loads would also have to scale appropriately.
  2. The healer analyze option showed that two curves in the sheet had topology problems. I used healer autoheal volume 1 to fix those problems.
  3. Working with the complex spline surface is slow in all operations. I will research if there is anything we can do on our side to improve the performance.


open "~/Downloads/topography.cub5"
body all scale .001
healer autoheal volume 1  
create surface vertex 4 3 2 1  
body 2 move z -400

create volume loft surface 1 2 
del body 1 2
vol 3 scheme map
mesh vol 3
color curve all black

Amazing idea, Karl! I will give it a try and let you know.
Greatly appreciated!

Hom Nath