trouble importing abaqus mesh: sidesets empty

I’m finding that when I export a mesh to an Abaqus file, I can’t read it back into Cubit without losing/changing some sideset information. When I load it back into Cubit, I get several warnings:

WARNING: Unable to resolve element face from element type: Hex.

The resulting loaded mesh also is missing all the sides previously in one sideset, and the sideset names become capitalized and have “PART-DEFAULT_1.” appended to them.

Is there a way to turn off the changed sideset names, and to figure out why some sidesets are changed after read-in?


Although I do not know much about the Abaqus interface I had a similar problem. If hex elements do not “know” all their surfaces, you must switch on “set fullhex use on” before meshing.
But this may increase your memory usage as mentioned in the manual (page 859 for Cubit 13.2)