Trelis plugins not loading

Hi there

When I open a terminal and type “/opt/Trelis-16.4/bin/trelis” then trelis loads up with plugins and the trelis command line states …

Loaded Svalinn plugin.
– DAGMC export command available.
– MCNP import command available.
Journaled Command: undo on


However when I am running a python script which opens trelis it opens differently (without plugins). This python script below opens trelis without plugins

import os
import sys

Trelis loads up and the command line states

[code]Journaled Command: undo on


Any idea how I get trelis to load up from python with the plugins enabled?

Many thanks

We will need to look into this more. One quick workaround is to define the environment variable CUBIT_PLUGIN_DIR and have it point to the directory where the command plugin is located.

Thanks for the CUBIT_PLUGIN_DIR tip.

The plugins are now loading.

I think my python IDE (Pycharm) was also causing some of the problems.

All working now :slight_smile: