Trelis 17 not working on MacOS

Hi, I have recently upgraded to Trelis 17.0.1 from 16.5. There seems to have a major issue with python when running, in my case, Catalina OS.
After the installation I launched the GUI and run the usual python script. Nothing seems to work (it does not import python modules etc etc). My first guess was that because Catalina used python 3 I had to select this on Trelis too. Therefore, I went on the preference tab and selected python 3.
Since that, Trelis does not even launch, not even after reinstalling.
Any clue? Thanks

Some more information after further investigations. The problem seems caused by the python support. This is the output when running from command line.

/Applications/ -nographic
ERROR: Unable to initialize Python interpreter!

I repeated the installation of Trelis 17.0 on my old macbook running Mojave MacOS (10.13) and things are only slightly better. I can select the python version from the preferences tab without unexpected crashes. print(sys.version) gives the expected results.
However, even in this case, the python support seems to be partially broken. For instance external python modules are not imported (can’t be found) even if the working directory, where the module are located, is set correctly.