surface split and retaining boundaries

I used

reset create vertex 1.33705 0.61404 create vertex 0.914285 0.272012 create vertex 0.558737 0.325571 create vertex 0.632595 0.99017 create vertex 1.05875 1.37567 create vertex 1.40766 1.0531 create vertex 0.981503 0.853041 create surface vertex 1 2 3 4 5 6 split surface 1 across location vertex 1 7 4

to split a surface

  1. is it possible to retain two different surface after the cut, somewhat like nomerge option for webcut.
  2. why does it look like a spline when three vertex are specified? Is it possible to avoid it and get indeed straight lines?
  3. is there any other method to do the same? a simple or a better one


  1. Using the split option, this is not possible. You could just do something like this after the split:
    copy surface in volume 6
    delete volume 6

  2. Trelis tries to create a smooth curve through the points. If you want straight lines, you would need to do it like this:
    create curve polyline vertex 1 7 4
    imprint surface 1 with curve with num_parents=0

  3. As described in #2, you just have to do it in two steps.