Suppress All Command Line Outputs

Coreform Cubit Version: 2024.3
Platform: Ubuntu 22.04

Hi all,

I’m looking to suppress all Cubit outputs when running commands via the command line (similar to what’s discussed in this thread).

Starting an interactive session from the command line using

 coreform_cubit -nographics -nojournal -information off -warning off

seems to suppress most outputs. However, I seem to still be getting some mesh statistics that are printed when applying mesh smoothing.

Here’s a minimal working example:

cubit.cmd("create surface circle radius 1 zplane")
cubit.cmd("surface all scheme pave")
cubit.cmd("mesh surface all")
cubit.cmd("surface all smooth scheme edge length")
cubit.cmd("smooth surface all")

This ends up printing the following:

************** QualityAssessor(free only) Summary **************

  Evaluating quality for 126 elements.
  There were no inverted elements detected.
  No entities had undefined values for any computed metric.

               metric     minimum     average         rms     maximum
TMP(ShapeSizeBarrier) 0.000108928   0.0467874   0.0940255    0.509141   0.0815582
           EdgeLength   0.0970865    0.155614     0.15783    0.224452   0.0263581

Is there a way to suppress this output?


Hi @pmarty,
it seems like this can’t be suppressed. It’s most likely a output from a third party library where we don’t have control over that output.

Hi @Norbert_Hofbauer,

Ah darn, that’s unfortunate. Thanks a lot for looking into this though!

Have a great day :slight_smile: