stopping journal playback

When I’m debugging a journal file, I want to be able to stop playback at certain points, so I use a “stop” command. I find that the script is not really stopped. The same pause button on the toolbar activates in using both the “stop” and “pause” command. Typing “resume” will resume playback in both cases. When I am using the GUI to adjust, say, biasing or intervals along a curve, while the playback is “stopped”, sometimes playback will resume automatically.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Additionally, is there a way to break out of playback? Like an equivalent of Ctrl+C in the terminal? My journal can get quite long, and I’d rather not have to wait for a whole journal file to finish playing. At this time, my workaround is copy/pasting journal lines into another text editor (there is also no block commenting in journal editor), but this is a bit cumbersome.

I’m using Windows version 16.5.2.

Update: I found the stop button on the lower righthand corner of the GUI!

Would still love a full-stop via command line!

There are two ways to interrupt a journal file, STOP and PAUSE. It looks like both commands pause the playback, waiting for a command to resume playing the journal file. I don’t know if this is the intended behavior of STOP, but I talked to our development team and made the request to change STOP to play commands up to that point and then stop playing the journal file. Right? Thanks for the request.