Specifying output dimension

I need your help to understand something. I am creating a circle, meshing it, and exporting it. I get the warning that “Dimension of block is greater than user specified output dimension.” What is the reason for the warning?

CUBIT> create surface circle radius 1.0 zplane
Journaled Command: create surface circle radius 1 zplane

CUBIT> mesh surf 1
Surface 1 (Surface 1) meshing scheme automatically set to pave.
Matching intervals successful.
Meshing Surface 1 (Surface 1)
Smoothing Surface Mesh
Generated 140 faces for Surface 1 (Surface 1).
Surface 1 (Surface 1) meshing completed using scheme: pave
Meshing time: 0.032000
Journaled Command: mesh surface 1

CUBIT> export mesh “test.g” dimension 2 overwrite
WARNING: Dimension of block is greater than user specified output dimension
Block 1 dimension = 3
User specificed output dimension = 2

I haven’t created any 3d entity??! Please advise!

When exporting, the dimension parameter refers to the number of coordinate components to be exported. A dimension of 2 would only export the x-y coordinates. Dimension 3 exports x-y-z.