Skewed mesh on cylinder

Hi, I am trying to mesh a simple cylinder with some (unspectacular) imprints.
However, I fail to generate a nonskewed mesh. I think the following screenshot pretty much explain my problem:

I start of with a meshed inner surface as the result of an imprint with another volume.
Next I want to mesh the outer surface ring. However, I have no chance to get a simple non skewed mesh:

Can anybody please give me a clue on how to obtain a non skewed mesh?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

It seems to me that Cubit deliberately wants to align the surface mesh with the vertices of the inside and outside circles (marked in red). However, since those vertices are not aligned to each other, a skewed mesh results. It is neither necessary nor reasonable to associate the mesh with the curve vertices of the closed curves (circles!) in the present case.

Is there any possibility to ignore the vertices in the meshing process? Thank you!

You can try using regularize volume <id> on the guilty volume(s). Regularize removes superfluous geometric entities (it is not a “virtual” operation). It looks like you’ve done an imprint, I typically recommend regularizing prior to the imprint operation.