Simplifying surfaces


I’m importing surfaces from Rhino into Cubit for meshing. From Rhino they are very simple elongated rectangles made up of 4 curves. However when I import them into Cubit they seem to split into 10s of curves. This turns out to be a problem later when merging giving me the following error:

WARNING: Attempting to merge two entities with same parent.
Curve 93180 (Curve 93180) and Curve 93183 (Curve 93183)
Check for sliver geometry in the vicinity
Failed to merge Surface 35243 and 53373

Any ideas on how to simplify the surfaces (it might have something to do with the number of control points).


What format are you exporting from Rhino? We can try to reproduce the issue. Will you share one of the rectangles?

I use STEP format. I tried to send an example but the .stp extension wasn’t allowed on this forum. Any idea how I can attach it?