SDK Version compatibility


We have been developing a plugin for Trelis for some time, and also want that plugin to be usable by Cubit users. However, the version numbering of Cubit and Trelis are not aligned. Is there any way to get information on which versions of the Trelis SDK are appropriate/required for which versions of Cubit?


Hi Paul,
Our relationship with Sandia has grown even tighter over the past month or so. We will be rebranding Trelis as Coreform Cubit, dropping the FEA, CFD, Pro sub-categories, and getting more in line with the SDK. Sandia is getting ready to release Cubit in mid-October and Coreform Cubit will be released about a month later. At that point the two code bases and SDKs will be very much in sync.

We plan to keep the Coreform Cubit release schedule in sync with Sandia’s moving forward. Sandia typically releases every six months - once in spring and once about now. Coreform will release about a month following Sandia’s release. Coreform may also release other bug fix patches too as needed.

I hope this comes as good news to you. In my view, and knowing a bit about your user base, this should give you confidence that you can continue using Coreform Cubit and building plugins that will work with Sandia Cubit users.

Hi Randy,

That is definitely super news! One last detail - will the version numbers be synchronized as well to facilitate a clearer understanding?


Unfortunately, probably not. Coreform Cubit will go to a year.# - such as 2020.1, 2020.2, etc. Sandia is going to stay with their system so far as I know.

It has been suggested that we version the SDK and keep that version number consistent between the 2 products. Given release schedules it might take 6 months to put that into place.

@gonuke, one thing I wanted to get your perspective on. We’re looking at integrating ParaView with Cubit so it ships as one executable. Would that be valuable for your users at all?


Hi Matt,

I can imagine implementations of this that could be very helpful.

Combining 3-D field results with representations of the simulation geometry is tedious. We have developed tools for this that you can see here: They are based on VisIt, but only because of our experience with it. The same things could be accomplished with ParaView.


Hi again,

Synchronizing the version numbers was a dream :slight_smile: but if that’s not possible, then clear documentation in the SDK about which versions numbers across the two products are compatible with which versions of the SDK would be nice.


Thanks @gonuke, we will consider this!