Refinement of an irregular mesh

I’d like to ask if it’s possible to refine the purple volume which has an irregular shape. This volume has been meshed by sweep algorithm.


Hi @jflorescuba!

I can give a lengthier response later, but see if this script gives you inspiration:


bri x 1
create Cylinder height .1 radius .1 

move vol 2 z .55
imprint all 
merge all
mesh vol all

unmerge all
delete mesh vol all except vol 2 propagate

refine volume 2  numsplit 3 bias 1.0 depth 1 
imprint all
merge all

mesh vol all

Thanks, it seems to be a good option, i will try.

I’d like to ask you if maybe there is another option without sweeping the refinement to the bottom surface of the green volume.

Given a simple cube with a small cut out

You can do

refine hex in volume 2

from the command line to do a 1-to-3 refinement in every direction.

You will likely get warnings about element quality because of the refinement.

Do you have a circular surface defined on the volume? Then you could try the command above that takes a list of hexes.

refine hex in face in surface 7