Python inputs through cubit.cmd directly in terminal in Windows 10 causes quiet exit

Using cubit.cmd to build primitives through the python interpreter on Windows causes the interpreter to silently close. Is this expected behavior? If so, should we be passing some other command or function to keep the interpreter going for next commands?

This same behavior exists when issuing the same commands through a python script in the terminal.

When run through the “Play Journal File” in the Cubit GUI, the python script executes as expected.

Windows 10 V21H1, Build 19043.1288
Cubit 2021.5.0 build dbeb186(64-bit)
Python 3.8.6

You’re not actually calling the cubit.init function, you’re printing out its description in the terminal. That’s why you’re getting that output <function init at memory address>. You need to call the init function like this: cubit.init(). Notice the parentheses.