Python command: List Volumes excluding sheet bodies

Is there any way of lisiting all volumes that are not sheet bodies?

I have the following command that lists al volumes but also includes sheet bodies

cubit.cmd(“group ‘volumes’ add volume all”)
group_id_volumes = cubit.get_id_from_name(“volumes”)
volume_id_list = cubit.get_group_volumes(group_id_volumes)

Is there an attribute that can be used to discriminate between these two entities?


You can use the extended parsing criteria “is_sheet” to separate volumes and sheet bodies.

To group only volumes or sheet bodies:

bri x 1
vol 1 copy move x 2
surf 1 7 copy move y 2
group ‘volumes’ add vol with not is_sheet
group ‘sheet_bodies’ add vol with is_sheet

To get the IDs of the entities:

volume_ids = cubit.parse_cubit_list(‘volume’, ‘with not is_sheet’)
sheet_ids = cubit.parse_cubit_list(‘volume’, ‘with is_sheet’)

Thank you!