Program hangs on loading a file

After saving a .cub5 file to the HDD (mirrored to a cloud storage) the file will never load again.
Command line displays:
“Successfully opened CUBIT file ‘…’”
Program then hangs indefinitely.

It does not appear to be a licensing issue or complexity problem as the issue is repeatable across multiple geometries, models etc.

Incase it is not clear, this only affects the .cub5 files. Old .trelis files open without issue

Also, import works to bring in the geometry but the Save issue is a frustrating issue

I can’t replicate the problem on my laptop. Does the save/restore work on a HDD that is not cloud mirrored?

It’s a pain, but you can rename the .cub5 to .trelis. The only difference is the filename extension.
As an experiment, try renaming one of the .cub5 files that is causing problems to .trelis and then try to load that renamed file.

Ok, randomly trying things seems to provide insight.

Save location is irrelevant.
The files are default saving as .trelis.cub5 as they are extended from the previous version or some such (even new files).
If I delete the .trelis so the files name becomes *.cub5 then the program opens the file without issue.

That’s funky. I’ll log this as a bug to look at. Thanks for hanging with it long enough to figure out what was going on.

Of course. I will try to document ‘bugs’ properly to post here more regularly.

Thanks, Dan. Some things do fall through the cracks, especially with new features such as this one. I logged the issue as a bug.