procedure for upgrading

Hi there

I have been running Trelis 16.1 and am trying to upgrade it to 16.3.3

After downloading, installing and putting the new .lic file license folder in the I am getting messages, can not run on virtual machine additional purchase required.

Should I deactivate the old 16.1 licence first, if so how do I do that

Many thanks

From your hostname, it looks like you are installing this in VirtualBox. This might be different from the original. I enabled the license to work on a vm. Please try activating the license again.

Does this fix the problem?

FYI, whenever there is a minor release, such as 16.1 to 16.2, the license will need to be updated. If you have a maintenance release, such as 16.3.1 to 16.3.2, you do not need to update the license file.

Yes that worked nicely, thanks for fixing it