Problems with Boundary Layer Meshing Tool

for simulating eddy-currents I need an extreme fine mesh near the surface for a geometry similar to the example geometry depicted below. The mesh should be refined radial inward from the surface highlighted in orange for an depth of 0.1mm, such that 5 elements are in the layer of 0.1mm. I tried to accomplish this with the Boundary layer meshing tool via the GUI, but I cant use any dots to define an appropriate element size.

Is there another way to create this mesh?

This is not quite the same mesh on the top surface, but here is an example using boundary layers. I applied the boundary layer on the surface you have highlighted. The boundary layer is created with first layer = .02, growth factor = 1.0 and number of layers = 5.

Here are the executed commands.

open "~/Downloads/wedge.cub"
create boundary_layer 1
modify boundary_layer 1 uniform height .02 growth 1 layers 5
modify boundary_layer 1 add surface 3 volume 1
modify boundary_layer 1 continuity on
Surface 5 scheme map
Surface 1 scheme map
Curve 8 interval 3
mesh volume 1

Another way to mesh this would be to do a cylindrical webcut offset 0.1 from the exterior surface. You can then set the number of intervals you want on the resulting volume.