Problem saving cub5 file on Windows 10

Cubit Version: 20.2
Platform: Windows 10

When attempting to save to the new cub5 format on Windows 10, I receive the error:
ERROR: HDF5 error.
ERROR: Error creating save file.
ERROR: Command Failed.

Any advice?

Hi @idclifford,

Please verify that you’re attempting to save the file to a directory for which you have write permissions. For example try saving the file to your desktop and see if you’re still getting this error.

Hi @gvernon. I can verify that I tried to save the file in several locations, all of which I have write access in. The .cub file saves without issues. This behaviour reminds me of a similar problem I have had on Windows 10 with the Salome Platform, where the combination of certain HDF5 library versions and certain Windows 10 update versions prevents the saving of HDF5 files.
I am hoping that this issue will be resolved by default in the newer releases of Cubit simply because the HDF5 version will likely be updated.