Problem exporting sat file

Cubit Version: 2020.2
Platform: Windows

I want to export a non planar surface that I created from various curves with the following command:

create surface skin curve all
delete curve all

I want to export the surface to .sat file, so I use the command:

export acis ‘topo_surf_5km.sat’ overwrite

But I get this:

export acis ‘topo_surf_5km.sat’ overwrite
ERROR: C:/Users/marcmath/Documents/Italie/mesh/test_nov2019/topo/topo_surf_italy_5km.jou (11775). No geometry exported. Must set geometry engine to another type.
Set the geometry engine appropriately to export the following geometry:
Body 1 is of Geometry Engine type ACIS
WARNING: No Valid ACIS Geometry found for export.
Finished Command: export acis “topo_surf_5km.sat” overwrite

I used exactly the same script with Trelis and it worked fine. On Cubit it doesn’t work anymore.
What can I do to solve my problem ?
Thanks in advance