Poor scaling performance in block assignments

I’ve got thousands of surfaces that I need to mesh and assign to a block. The following script is representative of the issue I’m having in Trelis 16.5:

brick x 1
volume all copy move x 1.1 y 0.0 z 0.0 repeat 9
volume all copy move x 0.0 y 1.1 z 0.0 repeat 9
volume all copy move x 0.0 y 0.0 z 1.1 repeat 9
block 1 surf all  # or "block 1 vol all"

This should create 1000 volumes and 6000 total surfaces. After a couple hundred surfaces (or volumes) have been added to the block, the assignment begins to noticeably slow down. By ~3500 surfaces it has slowed to adding a couple surfaces per second to the block and by ~4500 surfaces it’s only adding ~ 1 surface per second. Is it possible to improve the scalability of these assignments?

I reproduced the slowing as large numbers of entities are added to a block and submitted this issue for fix. It appears that Trelis might be looking to see if the entity is already in the block before adding. The more entities in the block slows down the process. Thanks for submitting this.