Please add "all files" option to the open browser to open archived saves


Open .cub5.1 files.

A lot of our engineers (and myself) like to type save in the command line to save progress because it also appends the last save with a number which provides a history of saves in case something goes wrong during a mesh which can take days/weeks to complete.


Not a huge pain, but to open an archived file using this workflow, it has to be renamed before opening. It would be nice to see the ability to open these straight out of the browser boxes in the GUI.


I think there’s one challenge with this idea, albeit one with a workaround that I’m interested to get your thoughts on. The nice thing about the “import type” functionality is that we know what the file format is - though technically you could rename a STL file to use a .cub5 extension, which Cubit will obviously fail to import/open as it will attempt to import using the cub5 importer.

However, I would propose that if the user uses the proposed All Files filter that we then present the user with a dialog for selecting / verifying the importer to use, similar to how ParaView does this (see image). Thoughts @gmklouse?


Or would it be sufficient to modify the filter so that it displays .cub5.*? So that all files with a .cub5 extension plus the *.cub5.1, *.cub5.2, . . . are displayed.


I think Karl’s idea makes sense, even through you may not always want to see all the archived saves. Sandia cubit has the option to view all files (or at least they used to) which is the only reason I suggested what I did.

In the end, it’s all going to come down to the user. They may only use the command line save feature if they know about it, where you could assume they understand the .cub5.1 .cub5.2 extensions.

I checked Sandia Cubit. Their open dialog only supports .cub files.

Weird, I wonder when they changed that. I think the last version I used was Cubit 15.3… Obviously nothing critical here, just little things I’ve gotten used to over the years.

I suppose you can close this thread and slide it into the suggestion box. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @gmklouse,

It did go into the suggestion box, and I am hopeful that it will make it into our next release! It was a simple request. I added another pull down option that includes backup files.

Thanks for the suggestion,