Node add command doesnt seem to work?

Coreform 2021.3
Fedora Core 33

The command nodeset 1 add vertex with x_coord < -1.0151 doesnt seem to behave as I expect, indeed even using the icon in the command panel, results in a command that fails.
Screenshot from 2021-04-30 17-07-15
Results in, ERROR: add : is not a valid option for a nodeset command please check the command syntax

The command line help, helps here, help nodeset
nodeset <ids> [ADD|remove] {node|vertex|curve|surface|volume|group} <ids> [name <name>]

Which is what I, and the command panel says.

Whats up?

I will have to reinstall 2021.3 on my Linux box. On my Windows 10 install of 2021.4 the GUI generates the command

nodeset 1 add node with x_coord < -0.45

which works correctly. This should not have changed between 2021.3 and 2021.4.

I also tried this with vertices just to make sure that the vertex version of the command wasn’t causing the problem.

nodeset 2 add vertex with x_coord < -0.45

also works correctly for me. The capitalization in the command means that ADD is a default and not required. Thus,

nodeset 2 vertex with x_coord < -0.45

also works.

Could this be the issue @karl? I found that y_coord<-X.X fails, but y_coord< -X.X works… essentially, need to have a space between < and the - sign.


Cubit>highlight node all with y_coord<-1.0
ERROR: Invalid Command: highlight node all with y_coord < -1
Possible commands are:
highlight [df_ref_entity <ids>] [df_genesis_entity <ids>] [df_bc_entity <ids>]
     [contact pair <ids>] [node <ids>] [element <ids>]


Cubit>highlight node all with y_coord< -1.0

Good catch! That is the case. A space is required between the less than operator and the minus sign.

Hi @makeclean it’s possible that, as @karl and I have discussed above, that you may need to add a space between the > operator and the - sign. I’m assuming that you “cleaned up” your syntax for clarity in your original post – as that’s something I often do!

We’re basing this off of the following finding:

Replicates your error message

Cubit>nodeset 1 add vertex with z_coord<-0.5
ERROR: add : is not a valid option for a nodeset command
please check the command syntax

Works correctly

Cubit>nodeset 1 add vertex with z_coord< -0.5
Added Vertex 2 to nodeset 1
Added Vertex 4 to nodeset 1
Added Vertex 6 to nodeset 1
Finished Command: nodeset 1 add vertex with z_coord < -0.5

It certainly is a bit annoying that the extra space is needed, especially when nodeset 1 add vertex with z_coord<0.5 works just fine. We’re looking into this to see what the reason for this requirement for the >- combination is (my guess is that this might be a bug from our implementations to support >= and similar operators).

Sorry, I meant node throughout whenever I meant vertex. But, yes indeed it was the tricky space that caused my issues. I’m surprised a space cant be parsed out, but for now it it what it is. Thanks guys!