Modifying a cfd_bc

I am creating an error while trying to modify an existing cfd_bc. To recreate the error the following code fragment is offered:

create surface rectangle width 1 height 1 zplane
mesh surface 1
sideset 1 add curve 1
sideset 2 add curve 2
sideset 3 add curve 3
sideset 4 add curve 4
create cfd_bc wall on sideset 1
modify cfd_bc 1 add sideset 2

ERROR: CFD_BC 1 already is assigned to a region.
Remove this region before adding a new one.
ERROR: Can not add SideSet 2 to CFD_BC 1.

But adding the individual curves to the created cfd_bc works correctly:

create cfd_bc wall on curve 1
modify cfd_bc 1 add curve 2 3 4

Is this the intended action, a bug or am I trying to incorrectly create/modify the cfd_bc by using sidesets?

Thanks in advance for your help,

I can see why you and I might consider this a bug. The modify cfd_bc command is treating the ‘add’ as an ‘on’ for the purpose of the sideset token.

I will log this as a bug to be prioritized (or explained better by someone else). We’re getting to release a new version in about 3 weeks and we’re in code freeze right now.

If you’re looking for an efficient way to manage a group of curves for the purpose of these commands you might consider putting the curves into a group and use the group name/id in the modify command.