Missing Property Set at -1:-1 error

I am getting this error in the topic title when I am attempting to run the CFrame FRM example. I am executing the journal file and have the json file of the Cframe exported before running coreform_iga. Is there anything else that I need to do? Thank you!

Can you attach your simulation parameters .json file please? The one with the materials in it.

problems_input_cframe.json5.txt (2.0 KB)
problems_input_cframe.jou (884 Bytes)

Here are the files I used to come upon the error. Thank you!

I do see that you’re using 2021.10, are you able to use 2021.11?

oh! I didn’t know I was using the 2021.10 version. I was using the build that was present on my login node. I will rerun on my local version of 2021.11 and resubmit.

@clint.r.nicely and @scot – I took a deep dive into this last night… there was a 2021.10 version of Coreform Cubit / IGA that was installed and wasn’t getting removed by the update_cubit.py script you wrote – and we were soft-linking coreform_iga to this old version. Also, there were two OPAL_* environment variables that were pointing to 2021.10 that were causing errors when running 2021.11.

I removed the 2021.10 installation, fixed the soft-link, and at least on a Raytheon login session I manually exported correct OPAL_* environment variables, but I don’t know if this is persistent.

Let me take a look at that update script and fix it up.

I just tried to rerun the journal file and it is using the 2021.11 cubit now
However a new error popped up. I appreciate your help =D

@gvernon We shouldn’t have OPAL_* environment variables set globally, the executables will take care of that themselves if those environment variables aren’t already set. That should fix Clint’s error above as well.

Right - but for some reason the OPAL_* variables are set globally. I was getting the exact same error as @clint.r.nicely was getting in his last message, which I fixed by:

export OPAL_LIBDIR=/opt/Coreform-Cubit-2021.11/bin/mpi/lib
export OPAL_PREFIX=/opt/Coreform-Cubit-2021.11/bin/mpi

I just cycled through all the users in the raytheon VM and ran export and no OPAL variables showed up. They’re not present in the .bashrc files either. I’ve modified the update script to take care of those coreform_cubit and coreform_iga symlinks as well.

I think the VM is ready to go for you, @clint.r.nicely

I will give it a try and will report back on my success. Thank you!

I still seem to be getting the same error. Do I need to do anything on my end to get things updated correctly or do I need to give it some time to update on its own?

Did you fully log-out and log back in?

I had given the exit command and then ssh’ed back in

Out of curiousity, if you run the two export commands I gave a few comments back, does that fix it?

We should get on a call.

I had entered the export commands you listed and the system didn’t yell at me. But I am not sure what/if it did as nothing followed from the commands.

A call sounds good. I will be free then