Meshmatch Not Working for this Problem

Coreform Cubit Version: Cubit 16.14
Platform: Linux Desktop - INL HPC (Sawtooth)

Hello :slight_smile:

I am new to Cubit, so I am sorry if my issue is obvious.

I have two exodus II files of tetrahedral meshes. The first mesh is an outer cylinder…

The second mesh is an inner cylinder which should be encapsulated by the outer cylinder…

It is extremely important that the node locations for the inner cylinder do not change. The mesh for the outer cylinder should change to fit the mesh of the inner cylinder.

I am attempting to use the meshmatch function to fit the sidesets from the outer cylinder onto the sidesets on the inner cylinder. In theory, the outer cylinder mesh should conform according to the sidesets on the boundary of the inner cylinder mesh.

In Cubit, I am using import mesh '<exodus file path>' No_Geom to import the exodus files as a free mesh. I am also using the sideset_offset and nodeset_offset options to ensure all the sidesets are imported properly.

This process has been quite difficult, so I simplified the geometry to just one inner cylinder and several annuli on the outside. I made sure that the outer annuli are taller than the inner core, since the documentation states “The source sideset should be completely enclosed in the target sideset so that the boundaries of the two sidesets do not intersect.” Ultimately, I would like the inner cylinder and annuli to have the same height regardless.

The annuli are shown here…

The inner cylinder is shown here…

When I use Meshmatch tet sideset 3 onto sideset 8 which represents matching the outer surface from the inner cylinder outer surface onto the inner surface of the annuli, I am getting the following errors… ERROR: Points are colinear and ERROR: No acceptable triangles on surface!

What could be going on here? Is there another way to combine these meshes without changing the node positions for the inner cylinder?

The exodus files are attached to this post.

inner_cylinder.e (3.9 MB)
annuli.e (1.4 MB)

hi @liam_n_carlson,

do you have the .cub that contains the geometry and the mesh? working with faceted geometry or only the free mesh is limited.

Also i noticed that you are using sandia cubit.
It´s best if you reach out to sandias support: