Mesh around a feature node

I would like to mesh an object and to ensure that a node belongs to the actual mesh. How can I do it?

Let’s say that I have a cube geometry, for instance [-1;1]^3 and let’s say that I would like to have a non trivial featured node (say [-0.12321, 0.233; 0.1942]) belonging to the mesh.
What is the best way to do it?


Welcome to the forum! Are you creating a hex mesh or a tet mesh? If you are creating a tet mesh you can use the tetmesh respect option to specify the location.

From the command line (except for the clipping plane shown in the image below) do the following:

brick x 2
volume 1 scheme tetmesh
volume 1 tetmesh respect location -0.12321, 0.233, 0.1942
mesh vol 1
draw tet all
locate -0.12321 0.233 0.1942
# Turn on clipping plane. Turn off clipping plane widget in the GUI

In the GUI go to Mesh/Volume/ Mesh Scheme/Tetmesh. Select the Volumes tab and click on Advanced and then click on Tet Mesh Respect.

I changed the pulldown to a location. The blue highlighted … button shows up and you can use various methods to specify the location. Note that if you want to enter a coordinate you have to precede it with the keyword “location.” The location dialog will do that for you automatically.


Thanks Karl. This is exactly what I was looking for.

Is there something similar also for hex meshes?

Thanks a lot!

Hex meshing is much more complex. For a swept mesh, you would have to define a path to the point(s). One way of doing this in a swept mesh might involve webcutting the volume at the z-point location and imprinting the point on the resulting surface. Don’t forget to imprint and merge the volumes. You could then mesh the two volumes and the point would be included.


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