Manually create Wedge elements

Hi Coreform community,
I hope all are dong well. I have a query regarding manually inserting wedge elements. As it is evident from the attached image, the overall structure is discretized using HEX elemets, however at the step between the Brown & the Grey volume, I wish to manually add WEDGE elements in order to get a smooth transition

As an example, I have manually inserted one wedge element highlighed inside the Green circle using the following command:

create wedge node 17138 15684 15703 17137 15683 15702

However, it would be tedious to do so throughout the circumference. Therefore, I wish to ask, if there is some quicker way to manually insert the wedge elements in this situation ? I have also shared the .cub file in case someone wishes to attempt before explaining.

Adding to that, after finally creating the wedge elements, can I assign all the wedge elements to a freshly created volume ?

Please advise.

model.cub (6.6 MB)

Thanks with best regards,

Any tip from anyone ? please !

Hi Aakash,

I would create the web section in your CAD system and then use Cubit to webcut the wedge section off. If you are are creating a circular section, you will need to break the section in to halves or quarters depending on the rest of your model.

In the following example, I just built the geometry in Cubit to show how to create the wedges. In the full model, don’t forget the imprint and merge steps prior to meshing.

create curve location 0 0 0 location 1 0 0
create vertex 0 .25 0
create curve vertex 1 3
create curve vertex 2 3
create surface curve 1 to 3
surf 1 move y 10
sweep surface 1 axis 0 0 0 -1 0 0 angle 180
curve 1 to 3 interval 1
surface 5 scheme trimesh
mesh surface 5
curve 6 interval 25
mesh Volume 1
draw wedge all


Hi Mr. Karl,
Thank you so much for your kind suggestion.

With best wishes :slight_smile: