Mac M1 Compatibility

We are trying to install Cubit version 2021.5 on some Macs, and we are finding that it isn’t running on the M1-powered machines. I can understand that it might not yet be recompiled to take advantage of the new processor, but typically Mac software for the older chips will work fine in an M1 machine through a compatibility/emulation layer in the operating system. Does Cubit not work in this way? Thanks!

Hello, @doglesby, welcome to the forum. We’ve had other reports of Cubit not working correctly on M1 processors. This is on our radar, and we plan to tackle this at some point in the future.

Cubit should work with the compatibility layer. However, we are doing a number of fairly complex things as part of the loading process. We do not yet have any machines with the M1 processor. Would you be willing to help with a small experiment?

In the installation folder there are files named cfplugincmd.ccm, cfplugingui.ccg, cfplugincomp.ccl. Would you rename these files by appending “_sav” to the end. Try starting Cubit after making these changes. The change in extensions should keep these plugins from loading and normal Cubit functions will still be available if Cubit loads correctly.