Local Coordinate System


I would like to ask if it is possible to create a local coordinate system or a secondary reference frame in Cubit?

Thank you.

Cubit currently only supports coordinate systems for mesh entities. For example,

> Exodus Create Coordinate Frame <xval> <yval> <zval> //origin
>                                <xval> <yval> <zval> //zaxis
>                                <xval> <yval> <zval> //xzplane
>                                [tag { 'R' | 'C' | 'S'}] //rectangular, cylindrical, spherical

I know that the Abaqus exporter can also use this coordinate frame, even though it is an Exodus command.

There is no GUI for coordinate frame creation.

We currently do not support coordinate frames for geometry creation.


Hi Karl,

Thank you for your reply.

Is there any plan to incorporate the local coordinate system in Cubit, as it provides a convenient and more precise way of creating and aligning geometrical entities in a different reference frame?

Thank you.

Coordinate systems are on our long term development plan.