Krb5 issue with Ubuntu

I got the following error:
coreform_cubit: symbol lookup error: /usr/local/Coreform-Cubit-2021.5/bin/./ undefined symbol: krb5_ser_context_init, version krb5_3_MIT

This is on PopOS! 21.04, basically Ubuntu. python3 version is 3.9.5.

The version of that we package probably isn’t compatible with PopOS. Try this: rename the in Coreform-Cubit-2021.5/bin to, then install that library from your package manger the usual way. In apt there’s a libgssapi-krb5-2 package. If that’s still giving you errors take a system call log like this: strace -o debug_cubit.txt coreform_cubit. Please attach the generated debug_cubit.txt.

Thanks. The renaming and installing works.