Issue when exporting to Nastran (.bdf)


I created a Mesh with Trelis, and exported it to a .bdf file, however when I open it in NX / ADINA the mesh seems to be broken. After investigating I found the issue but I do not know how to solve it. When Trelis creates the output .bdf file, it defines the nodal coordinates. However, it is failing to define them correctly by omitting the zeros in round numbers.

In order to provide more details, here is the information from the command line and the information in the .bdf file for one node of the mesh

Trelis>list Node 510 mesh
Node 510 –
X-coord Y-coord Z-coord
-18.000000 4.000000 10.000000
Type: Corner Node
Owner: Surface 29 (Surface 29)
Hexes: 210, 211, 219, 220
Faces: 554, 555, 557, 558
Edges: 1129, 1130, 1132, 1135
Finished Command: list node 510 mesh


GRID 513 0 -16.66670 1
GRID 510 0 -18 4 1
GRID 533 0 -16.66674 1

Is there anyway to fix this? I am omitting a step when exporting the mesh?

Since I am a new user, I cannot attach the .trelis file.

Thank you very much for your time and attention.

This issue has been addressed and will be included in the next release of Trelis.