Issue generating a Hex mesh for a simple geometry

Hi there,

I am trying to generate Hex volumetric mesh for what I think is a simple geometry but I do not seem to be able to get a mesh using the tools available in Cubit. Particularly, I have not have any luck with the source/target and sweeping features. My geometry is basically a volumetric shell that has a hole on the surface (see the sphere.cub (2.1 MB) attached file).

I would appreciate any help that you can provide. Thanks in advance for your time.

Hi @ebrahimk,

This seems to be fixed in our latest development builds of Coreform Cubit, which you can download from our Downloads page. Scroll down to the “Latest Development Builds” section:

We’re closing in on our next official release, which should be out soon if that’s important.

volume 1  redistribute nodes off 
volume 1  scheme Sweep  source surface 1    target surface 2   sweep transform least squares 
volume 1  autosmooth target on  fixed imprints off  smart smooth off 
mesh volume 1