Interlocking Rings Eg

Trelis Version: 2020.2
Platform: Windows 10

I am a new user of Cubit and have been going through the tutorials and slides to learn to generate meshes for CFD simulations.
The Decomposition Tutorials file, example 2 (Interlocking Rings), contains instructions to set volumes 1 through 4 to automatically calculate, an interval size of 6 in vol 5, and a final step of applying 0.5 approx size to All at the end. Do the initial settings make a difference or are they more like placeholders? How do different sizing functions set to the same volumes interact?

Welcome @skv!

Thanks for pointing that out! In that specific case, they’re being overwritten by the final 0.5 approximate size. What was probably meant to happen was to have the user mesh volume 5 immediately after setting its size and mesh scheme. Once meshed, the subsequent vol all size 0.5 command would only operate on non-meshed entities – retaining the mesh layout prescribed by volume 5 where necessary.

Understood, thank you!