Importing Solid Bodies Error

I have encountered an error when I try to import a solid geometry I meshed in Trelis. Perhaps I am missing a step. I have imported a 2D solid without problem. Is there an trick I am missing?Solid%20Import%20Error

Thank you!

Hey, Clint,

Currently our translator from Trelis to U-splines for 3d solids only supports parts meshed with the sweep scheme, with one source surface and one target surface. Likely this error comes up because one of those requirements is violated. Give that a try, and let me know if you have further errors.

Support for importing additional geometries from Trelis/Cubit is in the pipeline, but for now it’s limited to those meshes.

ok, I had tried to follow the sweep scheme because I suspected I was violating something like that. I will give it another try.

Ok, so I figured out where I was going awry.

I was attempting to limit the number of elements that are created down the length of a cylinder. In this I was defining the approximate size of the element down the length of the cylinder through the ‘Entity- Curves’ options. Is it possible with the sweep scheme to define the number of elements through a sweep and have it be compatible with the import?

Hey Clint. You can define the number of elements used in a sweep by going to the Mesh-Volumes-Intervals pane on the command panel. One of the drop down options is “Approximate Interval Count”. From there you can define the number of intervals you want along the sweep. See the picutre below. Try that and see if it works, let me know if you run into any more issues.

ALright, so I worked out a way to do it. It follows as:

Mesh surface that is to be swept through solid
Apply the ‘Sweep’ scheme to the volume
Seed and mesh an interval for the volume.

Doing so has allowed me to generate an output much like this. I am hoping to put together a convergence plot of aspect ratios along a beam. ::crossed_fingers: