Importing from vtk/exodus while preserving block array values

Hello I was wondering if any one has advice on importing vtk files while mainting block array values? I have a vtk file containing an unstrucutred grid (I attached a sample) which I would like to remesh in cubit (with a pave scheme so that I dont have any holes in the mesh as my current example has at the top in the center). I also need to preserve the existing cell values in the grid (ideally they would just be assigned to which cubit cell is the nearest after remeshing). I saw this post on saving a vtk file as an exodus file and importing from that (Importing Quad Mesh from *.obj or *.ply).

As suggested I tried generating an exodus file and importing it using the setting shown below:

This produced the correct correct geometery and I was able to sucesfully remesh (shown below) but I am missing the array block array values. I had hoped to use these values to parition the resulting mesh (i.e. my block array is valued at 1,2 or 3 and I wanted to use these to make unique, i.e. every node which had a value of one should be part of block 1, every node that had a value of block 2 should be block 2 etc.). Is there a good way to preserve this information

To summarize the steps I used looked like the following:

test.vtk–>exported as test.exo file using paraview → imported using cubit (but missing the block array vlues I want to use to define blocks), remeshed → saved as a .cub file

Thank You, I greatly appreciate any assistance. I have attached my original vtk file, the exodus file I made and a paraview .cub file obtained after remeshing.

Link to mesh files (note the zip file is only 12.4 mb, the .cub5 file decompresses to 80 mb): - Google Drive


I am not a Pavaview expert, so I don’t know that I can give you much help. I did notice that on import to Cubit there is only one block defined, block 12.

In the VTK file you have an array called “values.” I assume you want the “values” array mapped to Exodus blocks. That is not currently happening in the Paraview export. You need to find some way to map “values” to blocks on export to the Exodus file.

I would suggest you check with the Pavaview forum.