Import topography data, then make surface off it

Dear Cubit Team,

I would like to import the topography data (x-y-z) into my cubit model and then built a surface based on that. I would appreciate it if you could kindly let me know how this could be achieved?

Thanks so much for your help!

additional note: In the past, I used to convert the x-y-z data into IGS surface using commercial CAD software, and then import it into cubit. This approach entails some approximation and it is cumbersome.

This is a cumbersome process in Cubit as well. I would create a python script to do the process. You want to create splines of constant x or y. Frequently, topographic data is organized by i, j, locations in k different layers… In that case use a constant i or j.

  1. Read the file
  2. create vertices for every coordinate.
  3. Create splines through a constant i.
    a) Keep the splines ordered by j
  4. Create a spline surface using the “create surface skin curve” command.

For a different take on this problem, see Importing surfaces in Coreform Cubit in ACIS format --- avoiding multiple surfaces in a volume.