Import IGS surface

Dear cubit team,

I have purchased a node-locked version of cubit for my laptop. However, .IGS import option is not available from file>import. Could you kindly inform if importing IGS surfaces is possible?

Thanks so much!

Hello @karim_gmSim,

Thank you for reaching out. IGES is no longer included in the base Coreform Cubit license. The 3DInterop library that we license from Dassault, which provides many of our CAD import/export functionality, recently changed its licensing to no longer provide IGES with its base license. Thus the base 3DInterop license that we provide now also does not include IGS import - though we do provide IGES import as an add-on license.

As this is a recent change, please send an email to and we will work to provide you a solution that we believe you will find quite satisfactory!