How to webcut a better circle

When I do a cylinder webcut, the resulting shape is too-polygonal and less-circular that I need. Is there a way to set a finer geometry tolerance so that I get a better circle approximation (i.e., more polygon edges)?

This is actually just a graphics artifact. Type the following command:

graphics tolerance angle 5

or go to Tools-Options-Geometry Default-Faceting Tolerance and set the tolerance there. This value will be remembered between sessions.

I thought it was just a graphics artifact. However, I exported to STL to have the geometry printed on a rapid prototype machine. The polygon printed just as you see it on screen.

Any thoughts?

Did you tri mesh the surface? I think if it is meshed the STL exporter uses the mesh otherwise, note the command for export stl:

Export STL [ASCII|binary] ‘’ <entity_list> [angle=15] [mesh] [Overwrite]

The angle is the same angle tolerance used to display the graphics facets. Specify an angle less than 15 to get a finer STL model.

Let me know if this works for you.