how to trace an existing object and mesh it

I have a rugby ball that’s being cut off near the top and has slight dents on the surface. I’d like to trace the surface to create a replica and then mesh it. so far, I’ve imported the STL file, used a clipping plane but I’ve being unable to add the curves to trace the cross-sectional geometry.

Is there a better way to do this and is it even possible in the first place.

Theodore K

Trelis does not have tracing tools as you described. STL files are not supported like CAD geometry in that it has limited decomposition options. Type ‘set dev on’ to turn on some of the STL decomposition work that we are doing.

Is it possible to import the model in a different format, like step, iges, or sat?

Are you able to attach your stl and journal files?

Thanks, I’ll look into converting the STL file into a different format.